900 Kandi Wayanad Wild Jeep Ride, Stay & Waterfall Trekking

900 Kandi or thollayiram Kandi in Wayanad literally means 900 acres, which hold wild trees, beautiful waterfalls, blood sucking leeches and a rough & tough road. These roads are safe only with a powerful cruiser bike or Jeep. Let’s see what are all the places to visit in 900 kandi, where to stay in 900 Kandi and at first place how to reach here.

If you’re lazy to read the hidden place in Wayanad article just scroll to the bottom and watch the 900 kandi wayanad video.

900 Kandi Wayanad 2020

900 Kandi is purely for youngsters and trekkers and that’s because of the location this place is situated. This less explored 900 Kandi started attracting so many backpackers and trekkers in the recent time following a series of viral Instagram pictures of it. So, me with my friends started our journey from Coimbatore to 900 Kandi which is a hidden place in Wayanad.

How to Reach 900 Kandi

900 Kandi can be reached by road from Wayanad admiring the lush beauty of Kerala. The last point upto which you can drive your vehicle is near ‘Kalladi’. Get down there enjoy the beautiful stream going below the bridge, click some pictures and now get ready for the adventure in this offbeat place in Wayanad.

Places to Stay in 900 Kandi, Wayanad

This comes before the places to see here because if you’re planning for just a day trip then you don’t have to spend much, but 900 Kandi deserves a night stay.

So, here you get few options to stay in a tent or a regular room or a cave! Yes you heard it right you can become a caveman again in this secret place in Wayanad.

We booked a package in Ela blooms for a cheap rate that includes room rent, dinner, breakfast and waterfall trekking. There are other few stays nearby which you can explore it if you like it but I’d definitely recommend this one because of the tasty food and hospitality of the staffs.

The entire resort is powered with solar, there’s a playing area with net where you can enjoy playing shuttle or volleyball. They also have a gigantic swing hung from a tall tree which I’ve never seen anywhere before.

Places to Visit in 900 Kandi

Let’s start from the place you left the vehicle in ‘Kalladi’, From here within 3 kms there’s a place that became recently popular that is

  1. Glass Bridge – This place is located inside a private property where visitors can buy an entry ticket and stand on the glass bridge for few minutes to click pictures. Remember, this place is crowded during weekends and you got to be patient before you get your chance.
  2. Waterfall – Once you are settled in your resort, they’ll guide you to the waterfall in the early morning and this trekking takes around 2 hours in total. You’ll be walking in the jungle filled with blood sucking leeches and climbing the steep rocks which pours with water from the same waterfall that you’re going.

    Also, You’ll have to slide through a narrow opened cave to return back to your resort. This total trekking was so awesome if you’re with a gang of friends. Your guides will bring dettol spray to avoid leeches sucking you.

These two places are main things to see in 900 kandi, other activities includes stream bathing, campfire and partying in night with barbeque dinner. Stargazing is hard here during winter because of the clouds.

How Safe in 900 Kandi?

900Kandi is a challenging terrain for old people because of the rough roads, steep rocks and the bloody leeches. If you’re a youngster then this is a best adventurous place you can visit in Wayanad.

Other Places to See Near 900 Kandi & Wayanad :

  1. Kanthanpara Waterfalls
  2. Edakkal Caves
  3. Banasura Sagar dam

We will see other places to see in Wayanad in a separate article, Until then keep supporting us by sharing this article with your wanderlust friends and family members.

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