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Complete Guide on Ramakkalmedu Tourism – Best Resorts and Places to Visit 2020

Ramakkalmedu tourism – Before I get into the topic I’d like to quote what Leonardo DiCaprio said about Ramakkalmedu, “If there is a paradise on Earth, it is here.” This place is not a famous tourist spot unlike other places in Kerala and that’s why this place is such a gem for anyone who’d like to spend some time away from the crowd and tourists.

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Ramakkalmedu Tourism :

This journey towards Ramakkalmedu started from Coimbatore, Me and 4 others started driving towards the Ramakkalmedu. This place is located is Idukki district and we had a small pitstop near ‘Jenis grape farm’ on the way. This can be added in your travel itinerary if you’re planning to go Ramakkalmedu.

How to reach Ramakkalmedu :

If you are planning to reach there by road then the roads are laid good upto Ramakkalmedu so take you don’t have to worry about taking your brand new car or bike to Ramakkalmedu.

If you are planning to travel by Local bus, then from Cumbam there are few buses available that’d reach to Ramakkalmedu.

Places to See in Ramakkalmedu :

There are few places that you can see in and around Ramakkalmedu namely :

  1. Kuravan Kurathi Malai – If you’ve been to the Idukki dam you would have known that the dam is build in-between two big hills. The left one is called Kuravan and the right one is called Kurathi. So here in Ramakkalmedu you find a mention for them where they carved out a big statue for them.

    Just next to that place you’ll find a hornbill statue which you can climb up to the top of the statue through steps and have a panoramic view of Ramakkalmedu. You also get to see the TN border as well from the top.
  2. Windmill farm – Ramakkalmedu receives heavy winds anywhere in India so, it is obvious that they have a farm of windmill here. Don’t forget to carry umbrella as that places rains a lot during monsoon season.

  3. Tortoise Rock – There’s a rock shaped naturally like a Tortoise and so that’s its etymology. It’s a good place to hang out which need a bit of trekking.

Just few kms away from here you can visit megamalai which is a hidden beauty in Tamilnadu. There are few more places around Ramakkalmedu which you can enjoy during your stay. To know about it message us on whatsapp here : 6385822088

Resorts to Stay in Ramakkalmedu :

There are few rooms that you can book using booking.com but I’d recommend the resort which we stayed because that’s near to all these places mentioned above.

There’s a hill top resort which needs to be hiked up either by jeep or by walk.

Contacts us : 6385822088 so we can help you will accomodation and jeep safari.

How safe is Ramakkalmedu?

Ramakkalmedu is a just like any hillstation so you need to walk some kms to every tourist spot. If you’re too old to walk then I’d recommend just to stay in the resort and have fun. Otherwise Ramakkalmedu is safe for women and children in-fact kids will enjoy being here.

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