Kodaikanal Glamping – Starry Nights Luxury Glamping in Kodaikanal Price @ 4500 Rs

Kodaikanal Glamping – Experience luxury glamping in Kodaikanal with an excellent view at day and night, tasty food and Campfire. Starry Nights turns your Kodaikanal workation, Honeymoon stay or Weekend getaway into a unique experience during your stay in Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu.

There are very few luxury glamping in Kodaikanal that comes in different shapes and sizes. Igloo stay, Domes, tents and A-frame cabins are such stays that are available Kodaikanal Glamping.

Kodaikanal Glamping

Kodaikanal Glamping – Wooden A frame Cabin Tents

Starry Nights Glampsite offers you one of the best experience in Kodaikanal. Before discussing the packages and prices I’d like to share the amenities available in the Glampsite.

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Call 6385822088 to book your glamping in Kodaikanal.

Amenities & Facilities in Starry Nights Glamping in Kodaikanal

  • Fast & Free WiFi connection.
  • Separate restrooms for every cabin.
  • Hot water facility 24/7
  • Binoculars for Birdwatching & Stargazing
  • Books for enlightenment
  • Games & Fun activities
  • Spacious Campfire
  • CCTV
  • Grill BBQ & Tasty Home-cooked Foods

Itinerary of Starry Nights Glamping in Kodaikanal

Check-in – 2:30 pm.

Enjoy the view and try out the recreational activities at the glampsite until the sun goes down.

Sing and Dance around the campfire party from 7 pm onwards.

Take part in the BBQ grill (veg or non veg available)

Try out the tasty chapatis in Dinner

Have a good sleep with a jewel box view from your cabin

Join the trekking experience in the morning if you’re interested.

Breakfast is served by 8 am.

Check-out – 11:00 am.

Location :

Rules of the Starry Nights Kodaikanal Glamping

  1. The glampsite accepts only couples and families.
  2. No smoking/drinking inside the cabins.
  3. Maintain your time for campfire & dinner.
  4. No loud musics after 10:00 pm
  5. Use the dining area/ Sit out area for having Dinner and Lunch.

Food Menu – Starry Nights Glamping, Kodaikanal

Idli, Dosa for breakfast with sambar and 2 chutneys.

Chapatis for dinner with veg kurma

Veg BBQ – Paneer, Marshmallow, Capsicum, Onion and Potato.
Non-veg BBQ – 1/2 kg chicken per room

Other dishes on demand can be prepared and served in the glampsite such as Chicken 65, Chicken Briyani, Omelette, Maggie and Bread Omelette.

Sightseeing places around the Kodaikanal Glamping site :

Silver Cascade Falls

Coakers Walk

Bryant Park Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal Lake

Luxury Glamping in Kodaikanal Price – Starry Nights

4500 Rs per cabin that includes :


Trekking can be arranged from the glampsite for extra cost.

Kodaikanal Glamping – Starry Nights

How to Book the Starry Nights Kodaikanal Glamping?

You can directly book from the website or Contact 6385822088 to book the Starry Nights glamping in Kodaikanal.

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