A Complete Guide on Megamalai Tourism : Resorts & Places to Visit in 2020

Megamalai Tourism : Have you ever been to a tourist place that is nested with clouds? Well I’m not talking about the honeymoon tourist places but a non-commercial mountain filled with teas instead of tourists. I’m going to share my personal view on Megamalai tourism and some interesting tourist information on Megamalai that you must also know if you’re planning to visit Megamalai soon.

As you all know that the lockdown has been lifted in Tamil Nadu, We’d advice tourist going to Megamalai to be responsible so that Megamalai tourism stays safe.

Megamalai Tourism :

If you’re lazy then scroll to the end and watch our video on Megamalai tourism.

megamalai tourism

How to Reach Megamalai :

Trusting Google maps is one of the worst decision for every traveller out there sometime it gives us a nightmare. Tourism in Megamalai is under-developed and so Megamalai is one such location which isn’t plotted correctly in Google maps.

Me with my friends went on a day trip to Megamalai from Ramakkalmedu which is not so far from there if the map showed us the right directions. There’s limited bus service for Megamalai as this place is built for the purpose of tea cultivation and not for Tourism in Megamalai. If you’re driving to Megamalai then look for ‘Highwavys Dam’ in Google maps.

Note : There’s a checkpost in the foothills of Megamalai which closes before 6 P.M and no one is allowed after.

Resorts in Megamalai :

For the purpose of Megamalai Tourism & Tourist’s convenience, There are several accommodation facilities available in Megamalai. If you’re looking for a budget friendly stay then you can book the Govt. lodge in Megamalai. But who wants to travel so far and just stay in a small lodge? There’s lot of beautiful resorts available in Megamalai just few kms away from the city.

Check meghamalai cottages booking .

If you’re planning to go a weekend trip to Megamalai then you must book the resorts in advance as the Megamalai resorts gets filled quickly. Well there are several Tourism websites like MMT and Booking.com to book the resorts, You can pick your favorite tourist website and book for Megamalai tourism in budget but if you are looking for a interesting waterfall stay then do whatsapp us.

Update 2020 post lockdown : We went for a 2 days Meghamalai trip to check the quality of the cheap megamalai resorts and tent stay in Meghamalai. Check them in our instagram page here https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17871578092910462/

megamalai resort
megamalai resort

Avoid Tamilan Homestay as they have a poor customer satisfaction.

Well, Mobile network is not so good in Megamalai so if you’re looking for some help for staying in resorts in megamalai then I can help you with the best resort details in a discounted price.

Places to Visit in Megamalai :

Don’t be disappointed because Megamalai is not a commercial tourist place so you’d have to go without any expectations. Now, That being said there are few places where you can stop-by and enjoy the landscape view of Megamalai.

I don’t want to lie or exaggerate about the places in Megamalai, so this isn’t for you if you’re looking for a costly restaurant to eat or boating or a famous shooting spot. But,

If you are a backpacker, a trekker or a adventurous traveller who’d appreciate the simpleness of the nature then you’ll enjoy Megamalai tourism.

Activities to do in Megamalai :

Obviously, This is a big tea cultivation area so the first thing to do there is try a local made hot tea cultivated from their own plantations.

If you’re with friends or family then you can enjoy watching the stars & listening to the wild sounds along with a campfire party.

If you love riding then take your SUV or mountain bikes to the off-roads of Megamalai and feed your adrenaline rush.

Finally, you can trek inside the mountains within the allowed range and fill your thirst for adventure.

The perennial falls ‘Suruli’ gathers the water from Megamalai, So you can visit the falls which is little away from Megamalai.

How safe is Megamalai?

Wild animals like Elephants are often spotted in the roads of Megamalai and if you’re trying to do stupid things on the road then Megamalai is not a safe bet for you.

Otherwise, Megamalai is safe for women and solo travellers as most of the people over there are friendly and humble.

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FAQ’s on Megamalai Tourism:

  • Is Megamalai Tourism Open after Lockdown?
    Yes it is opened for tourists.
  • How’s the climate in Megamalai now?
    Rainy days are coming, prepare for it.
  • Tourism office in Megamalai is open?
    There’s isn’t any Megamalai Tourism Board yet.
  • Check post in Megamalai has strict rules?
    Yes, Don’t go after the specified visiting time!

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