Bikers Guide on Kollimalai Tourism – Places to Visit 2020

Kollimalai Tourism – A small hill station located in the district of Namakkal will leave you speechless with its beauty and coldness. Because of its narrow 70 hair pin bends kollimalai attracts lots of bike riders from Tamilnadu and Karnataka(Bangalore) as it is located nearby and would only take 5 hours to reach the hill station.

If you are lazy to read then skip to the end and watch the video on Ramakkalmedu Tourism.

Kollimalai Tourism

Kollimalai is also called as mountain of death but not because of any deaths happening over there but it just sounds cool to call that way. The meaning of Kolli hills originates from the mythological story of the goddess kollipavai who helps the siddhars to meditate peacefully inside the kolli hills forest and if there’s some evil spirit tries to distract them then the goddess would kill them.

How to Reach Kollimalai

If you are planning to reach kolli hills by Train or Plane then Salem is the nearest railway station & has the nearest airport.

If you are planning to visit kollimalai by road then you’d be surprised with its beauty and breathtaking views. I’d suggest you to take a bike because it’s completely a different ride that every bikers must try(hope you’re not a ladakh fan).

We had pit-stops in many places before reaching the top of the kollimalai and one such place had to be mentioned is 34th hairpin bend. This kollimalai was ruled by the legendary philanthropist val vil ori who’s a great archer and his strength is mentioned as a painting in the walls of 34th bend. If you are a fan of off-beat places then check out Megamalai & Ramakkalmedu tourism.

Places to Visit in Kollimalai (Kolli Hills)

The frequently visited places (also which i’ve enjoyed) are :

  1. Aagaya Gangai – This falls is a huge one which is famous in kollihills because of its medicinal values. People here believe that the waters descends from the forest carrying along with it all the essence of the plants it comes across and thus it is said to have few medicinal properties.

    I have been twice to Aagaya gangai and I’d say the best time to visit this falls is either at the starting of the Monsoon or after the Monsoon season because the water will rush with full flow.

    There’s a small room to keep your belongings before you go to bath in the falls and during heavy rains you will have to take the support of the ropes attached near the sides to reach the falls.

    One issue with reaching this falls for older people is that there are 1000 steps that had to be walked down to reach the falls.
  2. Kollipavai Temple – How can you miss this place(even as an atheist) you can have a look at the temple of ettukai amman who’s believed to be the goddess saving the siddhars in the forest.
  3. Masilla Falls – If you are not planning to visit the Aagaya Gangai for any reason then you can go to Masilla falls. (No water during summer days)
  4. Siddhar Caves – There are few caves near the falls where one can visit them if you’re a spiritual person.
  5. Arapaleshwarar Temple – This is located next to the Aagaya gangai falls and is opened only during the prayer times so you plan your visit accordingly.
  6. Sunday Market – There’s a market in Kollimalai which will open only during Sundays and this is the best place to have a look if you’re planning to buy fruits or vegetables as they’re cheap on those days.

Activities to Do in Kollimalai :

The best activity is already mentioned that is trekking to the Aagaya gangai falls. Other activities includes trekking through the forests and during full moon days locals claim that Siddhars can be seen meditating.

Stay in a good resort and have a campfire during night. There are many viewpoints in Kollimalai that you’ll enjoy witnessing the sunsets and sunrise.

Resorts to Stay in Kollimalai :

If you are planning for a one day trip then I’d suggest visiting atleast Aagaya Gangai falls but if you’re planning to stay two days in kollimalai then you can find the best resort from and other apps. One such good resort which has more review is

kollimaial resort

How Safe is Kollimalai?

Well, if you are planning to trek in the forest to reach the kolli hills then it is quite risky. Otherwise for a normal trip with family or friends this is a safe place to come. People here are helpful and humble so solo women travellers need not worry about the safety.

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