Lovely Kodaikanal Tourism – Sightseeing Packages For 2 Days 2021

Kodaikanal Tourism sightseeing packages 2021: If you are planning a trip to Kodaikanal then here’s the complete itinerary on Kodaikanal tourism packages for places to visit, kodaikanal cottages to stay & complete Kodaikanal sightseeing places for 2 days trip in Kodai. Post lockdown tourist have been flocking towards Kodaikanal and e-pass is not required as of now but you need Kodaikanal E Registration which you can obtain immediately. There are only few kodaikanal tourist places have been opened to the visitors for now and We’d suggest to book Kodaikanal honeymoon packages in advance to enjoy without hassle.

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Kodaikanal sightseeing packages - Kodaikanal tourism 2021

Kodaikanal Tourism – Sightseeing Packages 2021

Here is the itinerary plan to visit Kodaikanal in 2-3 Days. Maximum 3 days is enough to cover the entire Kodaikanal. Some places are unexplored which are not to be missed and some places will be flooded with tourist during season time. Here is our Kodaikanal tourism sightseeing packages and how we covered it in 4 Days. Also check : Meghamalai Cottages stay which is nearby to Kodaikanal.

Day 1: Kodaikanal Sightseeing Places

Today we're going to Kodaikanal

Let's see what's there in Kodaikanal to roam for 2-3 days

come let's pack the luggages

we're not going in bike instead

we've booked a cab

how much is it?


Now we're in Palani bus

from Coimbatore Ukkadam bus stand we're taking bus to Palani

from Palani we planned to take a bus to Kodaikanal

Last bus is at 6:00 P.M in Palani to Kodaikanal

We've reached Palani foothills

Next we're moving to Kodaikanal

A small plan change now

we are going to Kodaikanal in car instead of bus from Palani

Waiting to have some tea

Good morning guys

We reached last night by 9:00 P.M

So we forgot to close the Vlog

We reached room, next we're going to Coaker's walk and kodaikanal lake

Ticket cost?

Rs.90 including camera

We just saw Coaker's walk now and next

We're going to Bryant park

Time is now 5:30 P.M and Day 1 trip is over

Tomorrow we're planning to visit Mannavanur

See you tomorrow, Bye

  • Arrive Early Morning(before 8 AM) or a night before to Kodaikanal and check-in your hotel.
  • You need to hire a cab for your local visit or Else Drive your own Bikes/Cars.
  • Start your day visit from Kodaikanal Lake.
  • Places to see near Kodaikanal Lake (in order)
    • Coaker’s Walk
    • CSI Christ the King Church (123 year old church, near coaker’s walk)
    • Bryant Park
    • Kodaikanal Lake (Cycling & Pedal Boating are available)
  • Have your lunch on Kodaikanal Lake.
  • Kodaikanal sightseeing package for 1 day trip ends here.

If you wish to visit some waterfalls, Do visit these waterfalls.

  • Bear Shola Falls (Visit only on rainy season)
  • Fairy Falls
  • Liril Falls
  • Vattakanal Water falls

If you see no water on Liril falls, then obviously there will be no water on Fairy & Vattakanal Waterfalls.Above places can be completed in a day if you start your day by 9-10 AMFor the nature lovers, we recommend to stay in Vattakanal on Day 1. For others, one can stay near Kodaikanal lake for easier accessibility.

Check more about kodaikanal car rental to find your comfortable cars.

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Day 2: Kodaikanal Sightseeing Packages

Hi Guys

We've packed our things now

We're heading to Mannavanur next

After seeing all the places

while returning from Mannavanur

Let's try to check out few other places around

come let's go

Our driver Sagayam has come

Now we're going to Sheep farm

On the way towards sheep farm we

will see Palani view and

Poombarai village view and

then Mannavanur lake view

Mist covered the view

This is the Palani view point

Time is now 11:20 A.M

We just saw Poombarai Village and moving ahead to Mannavanur

come let's go

We've almost reached Mannavanur

We're in Mannavanur lake view point now

Eucalyptus oil

is being made here

How it is prepared?

There's a big drum where

we fill it with 100 litres of water and

500 K.G of Eucalyptus leaf

and closed air tight

and we lit the drum from bottom

the smoke flows through the pipe and

another drum is placed

at the other end

this smoke goes through the pipe and

reaches the other end as oil

We've reached Mannavanur eco tourism

Time is now 12:25 P.M

We enjoyed the kayaking in the lake and next

we're heading towards the sheep farm

Sheeps went to eat inside the forest so

they'll return only by night it seems, anyways let's check out the rabbit shed

this is going to be our last place for today

we're returning to our hotel next, bye.
  • Watch the SUN rising above the clouds during your stay in Vattakanal.
  • Take a short trek to Dolphin Nose & Echo Point in Vattakanal (Coming back will be harder)
  • Once you completed these places, head back to Mannavanur
  • Places to see while going to Mannavanur
    • Palani View Point
    • Poombarai Viewing Point
    • ❤️ shaped Lake View
    • Mannavannur View
    • Sheep Research Center & Rabbit Farm
    • Mannavanur Lake (Parisal Boat & Kayaking are available)
  • Kodaikanal sightseeing packages for 2 days trip ends here.

It will take one full day to complete these places, if you had started your day before 9 AM.Complete your lunch while returning back from Mannavanur. Back to Hotel. Also have a look at Ramakkalmedu tourism on our website.

Day 3: Kodaikanal Tourism Packages for Sightseeing

Hello viewer's I'm Rajesh

Friends who've watched previous video told me

Said me to explain few words about the places

So in this video let me give few info that I knew

Today is Day 3 and we're in Vattakanal

This is not much known to normal tourists

Only few of them are aware of this place

You can witness an excellent sunrise from here but mist has covered fully

Here we've set our fire camp last night

Last night we spent time enjoying the camp fire and dinner, so

We forgot to close the Day 3 Vlog yesterday

So let's start with places in Vattakanal

You'll see a small waterfall as soon as you enter the checkpost

You can spend some time there

We've planned to roam few places yesterday but

We didn't go because

Mist covered the entire pathway in Vattakanl

There's a spot called Dolphin nose

The rock structure looks like a dolphin's nose

Then there's Echo point nearby that

You need to trek 3 hours to reach there

Climbing down is easier towards the spots

But returning is difficult because the path is too steep

So it will take 3 hours of time in total

Time is 8:35 and we're still in Vattakanal, watching sunrise

Today we're leaving to Berijam Lake

We'll have our breakfast in Altaf's cafe which is very famous

We'll go to our destination after completing the breakfast

Before you go to the Lake in a private vehicle you need to get permission from the forest department

Our cab driver must have taken care of them by now

Suppose if you're planning to take a Govt. bus then head over at 9:00 A.M and

you don't need any prior permissions for that

This is Mathikettan solai

It's too dark inside the forest and

light hardly enters inside the forest

they named it Mathikettan solai

People who try to go inside the forest

Forget their way back as all direction looks same from inside

Do you like Kodaikanal?

Where all you've been to

We went to Upper lake view

then Guna cave(Devil's Kitchen)


then Mannavanur lake

then poombarai

kurunji andavar (Murugan) Temple

We're staying for the past 3 days here and today is the last day of our trip

returning tomorrow to home

Where are you all people from?

Chennai? Thanks

Now we've come to Thoppi pallathaku (Cap valley)

This place is shown in the movie 'Punnagai mannan'

This is silent valley

We skipped it while coming as it was covered in mist and even now it is

covered completely in mist

anyways let's see

Now we've reached Pine forest

Many films had been shot here

We're now entering Bear Shola falls

This is the falls, but there's only little water flow

So today is the final day of the Kodaikanal trip

What we're going to see today is

Anju veedu waterfalls

How it got its name is

there was only 5(anju) house there initially

so it got its name

On the way we'll have a look at Museum and

Chruch and then

we'll move to the falls

Now we're in Infant Jesus church

which is opened recently

Viewer's I've come here only for you because I'm basically an Atheist

We're now walking towards Anju veedu waterfalls

The path is little rough
  • Entry to Berijam Lake Needs prior permission from Kodaikanal Wildlife Sanctuary (Forest Department). Ask your cab driver to book permission as early as possible (7AM)
  • Berijam Lake visit from 10AM starts at Moir Point.
  • Visit Moir Point by 9 AM and Start your ride to Berijam lake by 10 AM.
  • Places to see on the way to Berijam lake
    • Silent Valley View
    • Berijam Lake View
    • Caps-fly Valley
    • Mathikettan Forest View
    • Mathikettan Sholai
    • Berijam Lake
  • End of Berijam Trip, Return back to Moir Point by 2PM. From Moir point during your return to Kodaikanal City, There are few famous tourist places to cover (in order)
    • Pine Tree Forest (Don’t miss Fast Horse Riding)
    • Guna Cave (Devil’s Kitchen)
    • Pillar Rock Viewpoint
    • Kodaikanal Golf Club
    • Green Valley Viewpoint
  • Kodaikanal Tourism sightseeing packages can be customised based on the your interest.

If you’re interested in this trip then you will also like Kollimalai tourism which is the best hillstations for riders.

To complete these places it will take 3-4 hrs. So by 5PM you should have completed all these destinations in Kodaikanal and You can return back to your homes.

  • While entering/exiting, you can stop by Silver Cascade Falls in Kodaikanal.

At the end of this plan, we hope you would have more Kodaikanal Travel Memories. If you like this article on Kodaikanal Tourism sightseeing packages then share it with like minded tourist friends.

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