Tourist Places Near Coimbatore Within 200 kms

Tourist places near Coimbatore within 200 Kms: If you’re living in Coimbatore, you know how many beautiful places that are located around you to roam around for a weekend getaway or even a 1 day trip from Coimbatore. If you’re travelling from somewhere to Coimbatore and have a day or two and looking for the best tourist places near Coimbatore within 200 Kms to roam around then this article is going to be a gem of an article because I’m staying in Coimbatore since 2009 and visited as many places as possible in and around Coimbatore during weekends.

If you’re looking to book a hotel or package in any of the listed place below do whatsapp me here : and I’ll be happy to arrange you a pleasant and memorable trip.

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Weekend Tourist Places Near Coimbatore Within 200 kms

Below is the best places in Coimbatore which I’ve personally visited and enjoyed a lot, some with my friends for theeraulaa and few places all by myself and the rest with my parents. Some places which made me wanna go twice that are listed below:

tourist places near coimbatore within 100 kms


What else do you think of rather than spending your time in the most famous Hill station in India. Ooty offers a lot of places to visit and some of them are:

Catherine Falls,

Pykara Lake and Boating,

The world famous toy train that starts from Mettupalayam to Ooty,

Shooting points,

Highest peak – Dodda bedda,

Ooty lake and the list goes on…

Best resorts to stay in Ooty are :

  • Leopard Rock Wilderness resort
  • Fortune resort
  • Western Valley resorts

Distance – 84 kms.

2. Kodaikanal

Coimbatore is situated in such as location that it lies between Ooty and Kodaikanal. So the next best hill station in south India is Kodaikanal. It was once a place enjoyed by the Britishers when East Indian Company was ruling India. Some of the best places to visit in Kodaikanal are:

Kodaikanal Lake

Pine Forest & Nearby Caves

Mannavanur – The recent hotspot for backpacking and camping

SIlver Cascade Waterfalls

Poondi Offbeat Destination

Vattakanal – Famous for the Hippies tribe.

Best resorts to stay in Kodaikanal are :

  • Holiday Home resort
  • Great Trials resort
  • Sterling Kodai Lake resort

Distance – 173 kms.

3. Wayanad

Wayanad which is situated in Kerala, has one of the best post Monsoon destinations. Wayanad can be tough to reach through bus from Coimbatore as it is hard to find a direct bus convenient for your time so if you’re planning to visit in a car or a bike then choose this place without any second thought. Famous places to visit inside Wayanad are:

Nelli malai View point

Kanthanpara Waterfalls

Pookote Lake – Boating point

Edakkal caves – stone age carvings

900 Kandi Wayanad – Offbeat

Thusharagiri Waterfalls

Chembra Peak – that Heartin lake

Best resorts to stay in Wayanad are :

  • Vythiri resort
  • Pepper trail resort
  • Ela Blooms

Distance – 200 kms.

4. Thrissur

There’s going to be more places from now in Kerala because you don’t want to miss the lush beauty that Kerala is offering you. Thrissur is a famous place around Coimbatore and is known for three things: Waterfalls, Beaches and Temples. Pooram festival is celebrated here with several elephants decorating the event. Other sites to see in Thrissur are:

Athirapally Waterfalls – Bahubali Falls

Snehatheeram Beach – Best sunset point

Sri Vadakkunnathan Temple.

Butterfly Park – Trust me it’s one of its kind!

Distance – 114 kms.

5. Munnar Tourism

Munnar is one of the top visited Hill station in Kerala with so many beautiful tourist attraction to be visited. Munnar is one of the best weekend getaway tourist places near Coimbatore within 200 kms. If you’re planning for Munnar then here’s the list of top places not to be missed in Munnar:

Valara Waterfalls & Cheeyappara falls

Echo point to Top Station


Eravikulam National Park & Anamudi – Highest Peak in India

Kollukumalai – Highest Camping spot

Best resorts to stay in Munnar are :

  • The panoramic getaway
  • Elixir Hill Suit Resort
  • Eagle Nest Campsite

Distance – 157 kms.

6. Kozhikode

Also famously called as Calicut is located in the coastline of Kerala that you’d enjoy even the driving towards your destination. Famous places to see here are :

Kozhikode Beach – Enjoy the sunset

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary – For bird watchers

Kappad Beach – Vasco-da-gama first landed here

Distance – 178 kms.

7. Ramakkalmedu

Ramakkalmedu Tourism is one of the least popular tourist places near Coimbatore within 200 kms that has very less tourist crowd. Once again this is located in the border of Tamilnadu and Kerala and it takes 6 Hrs to reach via Munnar. This place has a record of receiving more winds throughout the year. The tourist place which we enjoyed staying in Ramakkalmedu are:

Kuravan Kurathi Malai

The windmill farm

Tortoise rock

We stayed in a beautiful homestay over there which also offers a stay on the top of a rock, and also night jungle ride is something you shouldn’t miss. Whatsapp us here: +916385822088 for booking the resort and jeep safari.

Distance – 218 kms.

8. Nelliyampathy

A beautiful Hill station with curvy hair pin bends to fulfill your driving experience, Nelliyampathy is a not-so-touristy destination which is located inside Kerala. Wild animals such as Deer, Elephants can be seen in abundance here sometimes even in the roads. Top 3 places to visit in Nelliyampathy are :

Seetharkundu Viewpoint – Inside a tea plantation

Pothundi Dam

Kesavan Para – 15 mins trekking

Distance – 105 kms.

9. Pollachi

Although there are few places which is near to pollachi located in the border of TN and Kerala I’d like to list them here as they cannot be missed when you go Pollachi. While the drive towards Pollachi itself you will witness two things. One is tall windmills and the other is coconut trees. Drinking coconut water is a must try while driving towards Pollachi. The places to visit near Pollachi are:

Aliyar Dam

Valparai Circuit

Top Slip

Parambikulam National Park – For Jungle safari

Remember the checkpost near Valparai will be closed in the evening and no one will be permitted to visit after. There are very few staying options in Topslip and Parambikulam which is provided by the govt. itself.

Distance – 83 kms.

10. Silent Valley National Park

This is more of a one day tourist place that you can visit from Coimbatore. Silent valley national park is located in the north part of Palakkad. The route is beautiful and also full of rough patches because Kerala gets heavy rainfall during Monsoon and most of the newly built bridges will be damaged along with the roads.

Any national park must be visited during the summer because that’s the time wild animals can be sighted near the lakes and rivers inside the forest. One thing to remember if you’re visiting this park during Monsoon is the Leeches. This places is infested with a lot of blood sucking vampire Leeches so carry a pack of salt or dettol spray with you.

If you’re lucky you might see rare species of birds and snakes during your safari. The safari has to be booked a day before by calling the forest dept of Silent valley but you can share the Jeep if you’ve not booked it in prior. There’s a tall tower built inside the park from where you can watch the panoramic view of silent valley. Nearby there’s a bridge over a river that connects to the other end of the mountain which takes around 1 hour to reach by walk.

There are few resorts around this area where you can stay at night with campfire and BBQ. One more place that you should visit nearby is Keralamkundu waterfalls which looks like a naturally created swimming pool.

Distance – 62.5 kms.

11. Masinagudi

This located near Ooty and is one of the best tourist places near Coimbatore within 200 kms. The roads are very steep towards Masinagudi and so only local cars are allowed to pass through that route. If your car’s registration is any other than form TN then you’ll be diverted to a different less risky road to reach Masinagudi.

If you’re a fan of wildlife then Masinagudi is a must visit destination during your weekend trip. There are several wild animals such as deers, Elephants, Bear, Bison and much more that can be seen just from the road.

There was several stay options in Masinagudi before the govt seized some of them to save the wildlife. Now there are quite a few resorts where you can stay and enjoy the trip.

Few more things that you can do when you’re in Masinagudi is to visit Mudumalai National Park which hold lots and lots of Elephants. There’s also an Elephant feeding area where they feed them in the morning. Just few minutes from there you can visit Bandipur national park which recently suffered a huge forest fire.

Distance – 114 kms.

12. Kolli Malai

Kolli hills located in the Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu is popularly known for its falls and ayurvedic plants and secrets. No one knows what the secrets are except the yogis meditation there inside the caves. Let’s see the famous Kollihills Tourism places to visit:

  1. Kollipavai Temple – How can you miss this place(even as an atheist) you can have a look at the temple of ettukai amman who’s believed to be the goddess saving the siddhars in the forest.
  2. Masilla Falls – If you are not planning to visit the Aagaya Gangai for any reason then you can go to Masilla falls. (No water during summer days)
  3. Aagaya Gangai – This falls is a huge one which is famous in kollihills because of its medicinal values. People here believe that the waters descends from the forest carrying along with it all the essence of the plants it comes across and thus it is said to have few medicinal properties.

Distance – 176 kms.

13. Yercaud

Yercaud is popularly known as poor man’s ooty until recently that opinion changed because of the commercial development and increase in the number of tourists. Places to visit in Yercaud are :

  • Boating at Yercaud Lake and see Deer Park inside the Lake (Row/Speed/Pedaling Boats are available)
  • Visit Anna park near that Lake.
  • Move to Lady’s Seat, Gent’s Seat & Children’s Seat (Places to See)
  • Do visit Sericulture Center at the Genetic Heritage Garden near Lady’s Seat
  • Killiyur Falls
  • Karadiyur View Point
  • Manjakuttai ViewPoint
  • Botanical Garden
  • Children’s Park

Distance – 195 kms.

14. Madurai

A little far from Coimbatore but a place that must not be missed is Madurai – the temple town of India. Now that we’re dependant on on China and importing every products from them even thought which is not so famous for its quality. But think about the long standing temples that are built 1000 years back, the great hands that made them withstand against many cyclones, rain, storm and whatnot!!!

So even if you’re an atheist Madurai Meenatchi temple is a must visit where you’d see so many statues and Idols that are handmade in different materials. Checkout the architecture of those 1000 pillars inside the temple built in the best symmetry as possible without any modern tools.

There’s music pillars inside the temple which play each note when hit on different pillars. Even this feat is not possible in our modern century. Locking up music inside stones? say what!

And not miss the Jigarthanda juice which is special in Madurai. If you’re visiting during the Pongal festival usually comes in the English month of January then go witness the dashing bulls game vs men, known as Jallikattu.

Distance – 216 kms.

15. Kovai Kuttralam

So obvious that if you’re looking for the best tourist places near Coimbatore within 200 kms then why not try one inside Coimbatore itself? Well, Kuttralam waterfalls is famous in Tirunelveli and so this falls goes by its brother’s name.

Coimbatore is known for heavy rains and pleasant climate for years (but not recently). This falls can be your to-do list if you’re planning for a day trip in Coimbatore. Other place near Kovai Kuttralam is Isha yoga centre which holds the controversy of establishing a huge Shiva statue by destroying the Elephants habitat, but still it’s a good to go place if you’re looking for a calm and quiet environment(Dead Elephants can’t triumph).

Once Buddha was asked what do you get out of meditation? He replied that I don’t get anything but I have lost my Anger, Stress, Fear etc, but if going to Isha you’ll get nothing but leg pain and sunburns.

Distance – 36.2 kms.

16. Black thunder

I’m from Chennai and so the best tours to go weekends around for me as a kid was MGM, VGP kingdom and Queensland which made my childhood memorable and awesome. So, if you’re bringing your kids with you to this tour then Black thunder theme park is one of the best tourist places to visit near Coimbatore within 200 kms. Black thunder is fun Filled with water rides and you’ll also enjoy driving your car in the outskirts of Mettupalayam which is also the connecting road for Ooty.

Distance – 37.9 kms.

17. Kochi

Also known as Cochin is located in the sea cost of Kerala. You could also call this as the second capital of Kerala because of its connectivity through various means of transport. When you’re in Kochi visit the following places:

Kumbalangi Island – Something Unique in Kochi

Cherai Beach

Marine Drive along the coast

Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

Kerala Folklore theatre and museum

Fort Kochi beach – visit the chinese fishing nets

If you’re planning to stay in Kochi then I’d suggest you to stay in any one of the beach resorts near Cherai beach from where you’ll enjoy the evening sunset.

Distance – 191 kms.

18. BR Hills

Biligiriranga Hills also known as BR Hills is one of the closest tourist destination around Coimbatore within 200 kms. This place is famous for camping and the wild life sanctuary jeep safari.

The location can be confusing if you’re using Google maps, don’t select the Bike mode in maps because it’ll lead you to a blocked route which is not allowed for tourists.

Nearby place that you must visit in Gaganachukki, Barachukki and Shivanasamudra. These waterfalls come into life during the Monsoon and it’s one of a kind that you might have not seen anywhere in South India. There’s a hotel across the waterfall situated facing the falls with a good balcony view.

Distance – 156 kms.

19. Mysore

Mysore is famous for temples and palace. The name Mysore itself derives from the Mahishasuran who was killed by the Goddess Durga and hence Mahishasura mardini. So if you’re here during Dussehra then you’ll witness the complete city decorated with lights.

Mysore Palace and Brindavan garden are two important places that must visit in Mysore. There are several fancy resorts to stay in Mysore and you can pick the one based on your budget.

Distance – 156 kms.

20. Hogenakkal Falls

Hogenakkal waterfall is located in Dharmapuri district in Tamil Nadu. This fall gets the water from Kaveri river and when the Kabini dam is opened by Karnataka, the falls becomes magnificent. Tourists are allowed to bath in the falls when the water flow is moderate.

There’s coracle ride available below the falls which is a must try if you’re visiting this place. Make sure you wear a life jacket as there were many death cases by drowning.

If you love seafood then you’ll definitely enjoy the fish fry that’s being served hot near the falls. Oil massage is another activity that you can try here to relax yourself after driving through the rough roads of Hogenakkal.

Distance – 200 kms.

That's it for this top places to visit near coimbatore within 200 kms and if you like to appreciate my hard work taken to write this post then share this article with your like-minded friends and family members.

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