Complete Steps on Chennai to Andaman Ship Ticket Booking 2021

Chennai to Andaman ship ticket booking: If you are planning a cruise to Andaman from chennai then this Andaman ship ticket booking will guide you on how to book Chennai to Andaman by ship.

Many of us would have heard about reaching Andaman Islands by ship. We would have tried to but it would have been possible for very few. That’s because of the travel time taken from Indian mainland to Andaman Islands, Andaman ship fare, Ship route, Booking a ship ticket trip to Andaman Islands, Accommodation facilities queries, How food in Andaman islands will be like etc…

Chennai to Andaman Ship Ticket Booking

Nicobar and Andaman islands are the top 10 destination for Tamil Nadu people and foreign tourists because of its stunning beaches and water activities.

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Even though Andaman flight rate is similar and you decide to reach Andaman Islands as a budget trip then you can cruise to Port Blair by ship. In the bay of bengal your deep sea cruising experience trip to Andaman will definitely be mesmerizing. I will post Andaman ship journey experience and all the information about the trip for sure this post will make your cruise from Chennai dream possible. Summer vacation offer: best swimsuits to hide tummy bulge.

Answers regarding Corona pandemic lockdown and Andaman cruise booking: Ships are available to book to the Islands and had to be done offline.

This Chennai to Andaman & Nicobar Islands Cruise tour package was curated by a subscriber.

How to book Chennai to Port Blair Ship Ticket

Chennai to Andaman Ship Ticket Booking

There are only 3 cruise to Andaman and they are :

Kolkata to Andaman, Chennai to Andaman and Vizag to Andaman. In this post let’s see how to reach Port Blair which is the capital through Andaman ship.

Two Andaman Travel ships cruise from Chennai port to the Andaman Islands are M.V.Swaraj Dweep and M.V.Nancowry.

Andaman Ship Schedule :

Andaman Ship Schedule and departure information for each month is officially published in newspapers such as the Daily Telegraph and on the Department of Shipping’s website, &

Mode of transportation in Andaman for is mostly by ship and those day cruise tickets can be booked through agents after you reach Andaman.

Total time taken to cruise to Andaman is 3 Days & 4 Nights. For example, if your ship departs on the evening of the 1st, it will reach the Andamans at noon on the 4th and this is the cruise travel time. There is not much difference in the total time taken for Andaman cruise travel from chennai in both M.V.Swaraj Dweep and M.V.Nancowry.

The cruise departure date will be announced shortly before. This means that the itinerary for March will be published at the end of February, making it difficult to plan a month in Advance.

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The start date of ticket booking will also be mentioned in the itinerary. Ticket Issuance Ticket counters of the Andaman Shipping Directorate are located on the second floor of The Shipping Corporation of India office at the Port of Chennai. Open 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tickets are available if you go there, fill in the application form and submit a copy of Address proof of your location.

Phone number for ticket details: 044-25226873

Andaman Ship Fare :

Andaman(Port Blair) A / C Bunk class ship ticket price: 

Rs.2502 This is the initial minimum fare. Meal charges are separate. The coupon for food will cost Rs.300 per meal for the entire cruise. This class will be in the basement of the ship. Upstairs there are hundreds of beds in one place. There will be a public bathroom and a separate dining area for them. Mostly this class is used by low income Andaman Islanders and small traders. For Andaman Island people this class fee is only Rs.920. Half the fare in other classes as well. It is best to skip this Bunk Class class if you are coming to enjoy cruise as a tourist.

Andaman(Port Blair) 2nd Class Bed Room Cabin ship ticket price:

This cabin in ship costs Rs. 6422 This is the next class fare. From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true luxury begins! In this class there will be six beds upstairs with 6 people sharing a room. The attached toilets are normal. As far as food is concerned everyone from this class to first class will be served the same quality food in the same restaurant. Fees for meals are separate. You have to pay Rs.500 for all meals of travel days. This is a great class for those who go out as friends. The class I traveled to is also a little uncomfortable public bathroom otherwise ok.

Chennai to Port Blair 1st Class Cabin: 

Rs.8082 This is a great class for family travelers. This room cabin in ship with four beds for up to 4 people can be further downstairs with attached toilets facility. Meals in 1st class cabin will be served in a special dining hall for the upper class as mentioned above.

Cruise from Chennai to Port Blair in A Deluxe Cabin: 

A Deluxe cabin price is Rs.9752 and deluxe cabin is the highest class of the ship. This cabin in ship is slightly larger and slightly more luxurious like hotel suites with up to 2 separate beds located on the top floor for two to share. Food will be served in the hall for the aforementioned upper classes. There is no separate restaurant for this. Ideal for loneliness seekers and honeymooners.

Where is the boarding point for the ship to Andaman?

Near the W. Chidambaranar statue located near the office where the ticket was taken at 1:30 pm on the day of departure of the ship. From there the government bus will take us inside the port and drop us off at the checkpoint. Items will be tested and allowed on board. Don’t forget to carry a proof scan copy. Alcohol and cigarettes are not allowed. A person can carry 40 kg of belongings. The doors will close and the ship will depart at exactly 4 p.m. 

If you have any queries on Chennai to Andaman Ship Ticket Bookings then ask us in the comments.

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