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Masinagudi Tourism – Masinagudi Cottages & Mudumalai National Park

Masinagudi is sandwiched between a hill station(Ooty) and reserved forest(Mudumalai). Because of this wonderful location Masinagudi attracts adventure seekers, backpackers and other travel lovers.

Best Season to Visit Masinagudi

If you are expecting to sight wild animals in Masinagudi then Summer season from March – June is the best time to visit the place. Elephants, Deers, Bears and Bison can be seen roaming just by the roadside.

October – December the climate is pleasant and the post monsoon season makes the mountains covered in green blankets of trees.

Best Masinagudi Cottages to Stay

Masinagudi is the home for several wild animals and because of that many cottages that were situated in the elephant zones are banned for the tourists to stay now.

masinagudi cottages

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I’ve been to Masinagudi before and after the ban and so I can vouch for the best cottage in Masinagudi that I stayed with my friends and family.

Spring Valley Homestay/Cottage in Masinagudi

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  1. Campfire can be arranged.
  2. In-house restaurant for tasty food.
  3. Perfect for watching wild animals and bird watching.
  4. Clean bedrooms with furnished cots.
  5. Heater facility for a warm bath.
  6. Big and safe car parking area.
  7. Nearby to all the hotspot places to see in Masinagudi.

How to Reach Masinagudi :

If you are travelling by your own car then the Ooty-Masinagudi short road is not allowed for you if you are from states other than Tamilnadu because the roads are prone to accidents.

So you can take the main highway and reach Masinagudi. From Coimbatore you can take a Bus to reach Coimbatore and the nearest Airport is in Coimbatore. To reach in train Mettupalayam is the nearest railway station.

Places to see in Masinagudi

For adventure seekers Masinagudi is the best place to get your adrenaline rush pumping. Just like Dandeli or Jim corbett National park, Masinagudi is one of the best hill station to visit the wildlife in real in the Western Ghats which is one of the largest rainforest in India.

#1 Vibhuti Malai

Located in the centre of Masinagudi, Vibhuti malai offers you a panoramic view of the surroundings. This place can be reached by walk or Jeep and it takes 20 minutes to reach the top where you’ll find a small temple. The temple construction was sponsored by the famous actor Mithun Chakraborty.

The reason behind the name ‘Vibhuti malai’ was a kind of scary story narrated by the locas over there and I don’t want to be the spoiler, you can ask them directly.

#2 Kalhatty Waterfalls

This is located enroute from Ooty-Masinagudi and it takes 20 minutes trek down the hills to reach the falls. Best time to visit the falls is post Monsoon and you’d be surprise with this Majestic waterfalls fierce pouring.

Don’t be confused with the Kalhatty giri waterfalls located in Chikmagalur, this falls is located in the Nilgiris Dist. Here’s a video that we shot during our trip;

#3 Elephant Feeding Camp

This is one must visit place when you’re in Masinagudi where you can see the experts feeding the Elephants. They also showcase how the food is being prepared and there’s a small entry ticket cost to enter the campus. You can listen to different stories of Elephants from them which will make you fall in love towards these giant animals.

Activities to do in Masinagudi

The most common activities to do in Masinagudi is Jeep safari and trekking to watch the wildlife.

#1 Trekking in the wild

After the restrictions posted in Masinagudi by the forest dept, it is only allowed to trek in the allowed routes and I’d not recommend any unauthorized trekking trials.

When I was in Masinagudi we trekked in the early morning, reason is the wild life can be sighted roaming here. Early morning we took a jeep ride to reach the trekking spot and from there we started to walk.

First thing we noticed was lots and lots of deers. You’d be surprised how calm they react even after a human intervene their privacy in the wild also we did find some dead skulls enroute. The trekking can be rated as moderate difficulty.

We did see Elephants, Bison and listened to the beautiful sounds of the wild birds. Here’s a gallery of the trek which finally led to a small pool of cold water.

#2 Safari in Mudumalai

The next best activity to do in Masinagudi is to go for a safari ride. You can either try safari by car or an Elephant. Next to the Masinagudi there’s a small route where the forest dept will take the tourists in their jeep with binoculars to sight the wild animals. You can also take your own car in this route after 6 P.M

You can also go to the nearby Bandipur national park or Nagarhole national park. You can have a look at the Nagarhole national park ride and booking procedure in the below video. If you’re a fan of national parks then check out the Periyar national park boating online booking procedure in our site.

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