Guide: Thekkady Boating Online Booking Periyar National Park

Complete guide on Thekkady boating online booking: If you’re looking simple steps on how to book Periyar National park, thekkady boating online then here’s the detailed step by step article on booking thekkady boating online.

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Thekkady Boating Online Booking Ticket 2021:

There are two ways you can book the boating tickets for Periyar National park located in Thekkady river banks. First method is to book offline. Also read: Premium Alleppey houseboat rates.

You can directly go to the Periyar National park and book your tickets from the counter but there are some disadvantages while booking offline so it is always best to book thekkady boating online.

Advantages of Booking Thekkady Boating Online:

  1. Periyar national park in Thekkady gets crowded during tourist season and the ticket counter is always full. One has to stand for at least 30 minutes before booking their tickets. So, Booking online tickets for Thekkady boating will help you save your time by avoid standing in the queue.
  2. Peak tourist seasons during summer are the best time to watch animals and so the bookings are pre-booked online for thekkady tourism and there’s hardly any chance to book them offline.

Here are the steps for booking thekkady boating online:

1.Go to the official Govt. website : Thekkady boating online booking.

2.Select the date of Journey and time of journey. You might be wondering what is slot 1 and slot 2 in Periyar boating. Boating services runs twice, first is during 9:30 A.M IST and the second trip is at 15:30 P.M.

Thekkady boating online booking
Early morning is the best time to see animals and for taking photography but there aren't any slots available for Thekkady boating online booking.

3. Select the number of seats and click on “Book Tickets” button.

4. The next step is to make sure you agree to their terms and conditions. After you click on the button you will asked for booking details.

periyar national park ticket booking online

5.The next step is to fill in all your details carefully as per the ID you have which will be verified when you reach there.

6.Click on proceed for payment and pay through your favorite payment method and that’s it.

How to Reach Periyar National Park Boating in Thekkady:

Until few years before vehicles were allowed to directly reach the Thekkady boating spot but after the recent changes made by the govt, reaching Thekkady boating centre has become quite confusing.

You have to travel upto Periyar Tiger reserve office and that’s the last point your private vehicle can travel upto. You can park your vehicle over there and wait for the govt bus that’d take you to the boating centre.

If you haven’t booked your Thekkady Boating ticket you can book at that place.

waiting point at periyar tiger reserve office

Now you have to show your tickets and ID proof in the counter and you’ll be provided with a boat name.

In few minutes they’ll start to call the boat names one by one and you can show your boat name ticket that you’ve received from the counter when they call it.

Thekkady boating hours: The total journey of the boating might take from 45 mins to 1:30 hours based on the sighting of animals.

Thekkady boating season: For any national park Summer is always the best season to sight animals when they come close to the river to drink water. Periyar National Park in Thekkady is the only park which allows visitors for all 12 months.

Thekkady stay : If you’re planning to stay in a jungle camp with might safari and trekking then to enjoy the wildlife you can book the thekkady tourism resorts available with them.

What is slot 1 and slot 2 in periyar boating?

First slot is at 9:30 A.M and second slot is at 15:30 P.M

How to book elephant ride in thekkady online?

Tickets can be booked offline from various brokers over there.

Tiger trails Thekkady online booking?

Ticket for tiger trials can be booked from Periyar tiger reserve office.

Thekkady Jungle Safari at night?

Jungle safaris are allowed near Thekkady and can be booked online.

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  1. Sir i have booked my online boating tickets. Ref no is 227768 . How will i get the tickets on counter itself by showing the reference number

    • You can show the ref no on the counter and they will issue a ticker.

      Just tell them that you booked online, don’t wait in the normal queue.


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