5 Best Meghamalai Cottages, Resorts & Tent Stay for Friends & Family

Meghamalai Cottages : If you’re looking for the best meghamalai cottage to stay with your friends and a safe meghamalai resort to stay with your family then I’d give the list of best meghamalai cottages that are available in 2021 post lockdown below. Cottages in Meghamalai are booked two days before during weekends as there are only 4 budget meghamalai cottages available there and the rest of the resorts in Meghamalai are costly.

The best Meghamalai cottages are Woodbrier cottages but they are damn costly, So the alternate megamalai cottages are listed below in this article.

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Best Meghamalai Cottages and Resorts 2021

Megamalai which is located few kmds away from Chinnamanur is one of the booming tourist destination for Honeymoon couples and families. Post lockdown many people are enquiring me regarding the best resorts and cottages in Meghamalai to stay and enjoy their weekend. I have already posted an article on Megamalai tourism which has more details on how to reach, places to visit in Megamalai.

Megamalai cottages

As the phone signal connectivity is poor in Meghamalai it is difficult to contact the resort owners in Meghamalai and that’s the main reason people are finding it difficult to book a budget room stay in Megamalai.

There are only 4-5 cottages in Meghamalai that are budget friendly that will cost you around 2400 per room for 3 members.

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Meghamalai Cottages Rates 2021:

Meghamalai is not a commercialized tourist place so, the cottages and resorts in Megamalai don’t have names instead they have the estate names. The best meghamalai cottages are:

highwavys panchayat lodge

Highwavys Panchayat Lodge

gubendran estate

Gubendran Estate

woodbriar resorts Meghamalai

Woodbriar Cottages

Vijayaraja Camping Meghamalai


Premium Cottage #6 (Recent addition 2021)

Stay 1 : If you’re on a budget trip and looking for cheap place to stay then Meghamalai Panchayat lodge is the best place that you can book for around Rs.700.

panchayath guest house meghamalai

Stay 2 : If you are on a weekend trip looking to stay in a best Meghamalai Cottage then I’d definitely suggest the place where I had stayed during my previous trip. It has a wonderful waterfall view and normal room that’s cost you more than Rs.2400 for 3 person room.

meghamalai resorts
meghamalai rooms

This is how it Looks: https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17871578092910462/

There are other similar cottages in Meghamalai but the cost starts from Rs.2000

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Stay 3 : If you’re planning a solo trip or with friends and looking to stay in a tent then this one is the best.

This includes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and campfire.

Note: You have to trek for 1 hour to reach the camping location in Meghamalai.

Guests will be taken before evening to the camping spot in Megamalai because to avoid disturbing wild animals.

Tents available are mixed – 1 person, 2 persons upto 6 persons tents are available.

There’s Another Meghamalai Tent pitching spot approximately 1 km from here to camp.

Other than these private properties tourists are not allowed to camp in Meghamalai with their own tents so If you are already carrying your tents with you pitch them in a private property and not inside the forest.

meghamalai tents

Stay 4 : If you’re ready to expand your budget then there are few costly resorts in Meghamalai available to book from MMT and other booking websites.

meghamalai cottages

Stay 5 : This cottage comes under premium value and looks very attractive, clean and neat. The restrooms are sanitized properly and it is located in the best place in Megamalai. They also offer balcony view rooms.

Meghamalai Cottage Booking Details :

To book the above meghamalai cottages which you like, Message me in Whatsapp

Whatsapp me only if :

  • Your Megamalai trip date is confirmed
  • Your Cottage budget is fixed
  • Number of members are confirmed

How to Reach these Meghamalai Cottages?

The cottages in Meghamalai that are listed above are not pointed in Google maps but reaching them is very easy, I can help you with the directions after you book the Meghamalai resort.

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Campfire is allowed in most of the cottages in Megamalai if it is not raining.

Food can be purchased from a nearby hotel in Meghamalai which is located 2 kms from the cottage.

I have been helping tourists to book resorts in Meghamalai after the quarantine has been lifted. Since I’m getting so many enquiries everyday I’d like to clear few things here so that you don’t have to ask me about:

Is Meghamalai Opened for Tourists?

Yes after the lockdown, Meghamalai is opened for tourists.

Do we need E-pass?

No, You don’t need E-pass to enter inside Meghamalai

How to reach Meghamalai by public transport?

Reach Chinnamanur and take bus from there.

Can we get cheaper Meghamalai cottages?

There is a cheap dormitory stay in Meghamalai which I wouldn’t recommend anyone.(Don’t ask me)

Watch our video on Megamalai tourist places here :

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